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Our Companies

Lafayette Instrument Logo

Established 1947

Lafayette Instrument Company has over 75 years of experience engineering data acquisition and measurement instrumentation for disciplines such as research and education, medicine, physical therapy and rehabilitation, security, and law enforcement. Lafayette is positioned at the forefront of neuroscientific discovery, human evaluation, and credibility assessment.

Polygraph: https://lafayettepolygraph.com
Life Sciences: https://lafayettelifesciences.com
Human Evaluation: https://lafayetteevaluation.com
Clegg: https://lafayetteclegg.com

Campden Instruments Logo

Joined 1998

Campden Instruments was established on Campden Hill Road, in the Kensington area of London in 1970. Specializing in turn-key solutions for translational neuroscience, Campden has developed significant advancements in the areas of behavioral cognition and tissue slicing.



Established 2016

PEAK's mission is to provide individuals in the public and private sectors with the highest quality credibility assessment training and consulting services available.


Limestone Technologies

Joined 2022

Limestone Technologies is a software and biofeedback instrumentation solutions provider with its primary focus on the development of products utilized specifically for security and public safety. Limestone's Polygraph and Pre-Employment Screening Solutions are internationally recognized as being feature rich, innovative, and reliable.


Aurora Scientific

Joined 2023

Aurora Scientific has over thirty years of experience in manufacturing and servicing research instruments including solutions and support innovation in three key Research Areas, Muscle Physiology, Neuroscience and Materials Science.



Joined 2023

For twenty-five years, Actimetrics has manufactured automated systems for animal behavioral testing emphasizing ease of use and the application of modern signal and image processing techniques to current problems in neuroscience.


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